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Who, me?  

Hi, I’m Stacey; planner, list maker and daydreamer extraordinaire. 

From a very young age I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up; a Disney Animator, could there be anything more exciting. I spent the majority of my time in my room drawing hundreds and hundreds of my favourite Disney characters; my wall was literally covered in them and saved Mum and Dad a few pounds in decorating bills! Whilst I was most certainly naïve, I could clearly see myself at the right hand of Walt, my life would be in America, and I couldn’t wait to get there. Of course, then I grew up, life kicked me in the butt and dreams of being an animator, like fairy dust gradually disappeared. 
So here I am, a Yorkshire lass living in Newcastle; married with a lovely part-time job working for the Wildlife Trust. The best thing, I have lots of free time to concentrate on my favourite things like drawing, painting, baking and writing. A bit of a home bird I’m at my happiest surrounded by my much loved family and friends, especially when there’s plenty of cake… or prosecco… or maybe both involved.

Why The Raspberry Rabbit?

So called after my love of raspberries and rabbits...but not in the crazy kind of way I don’t actually own a rabbit. To me raspberries and rabbits are so quintessentially British, they remind me of summer days spent in the countryside and eating bowls of raspberry ripple ice cream, usually with a dollop of jelly on the side. 
Britishness is defiantly the theme of this blog, I draw inspiration from its culture, nature and food to write, draw and bake. I want to showcase the wonderous delights of Britishness from its scrummy food and produce, to everyday life, occasions and events. If you are one of those that think that British food is bland and boring..well, The Raspberry Rabbit is here to prove you wrong! 

Homemade Happiness

They say life is journey and that’s exactly what this blog is, an adventure set in a backdrop of a little 1800’s terrace cottage with a leaky roof and ivy crawling up the walls, in which huge spiders play hide and seek! 

It was my family that encouraged me to start a blog, convinced that I have something interesting to share, little anecdotes, ideas and recipes, generally to spread a little of my homemade happiness about. First thoughts… a blog...What am I going to write about and who’s going to be interested? Well, if no one else, it’s a documentary of my life that maybe my own kids might giggle over in the way distant future. But for now, I hope you will join me as I burrow my way through the rabbit hole of life to try and find my calling, one thing is for sure it will be filled with stories, scrummy recipes and whimsical ramblings along the way. 

Enjoy xXx
So called after my love of raspberries and rabbits...but not in the crazy kind of way I don’t actually own a rabbit. To me raspberries and rabbits are so quintessentially British.....
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By Stacey Smith 15 May, 2017

I am writing this sat at my dining room table, layered in knits with a mug of steaming tea..its chucking it down outside! A complete contrast how Chris and I spent it yesterday, out in the warm sunshine doing up our garden, building a fence, planting plants and talking BBQ’s.

To brighten up this grey and wet Monday I thought I would bring spring back with a long overdue blog post, showcasing the delights of the frozen pea in three spring recipes.

Green Goddess Burgers, Pea and Broad Bean Spaghetti and Avocado and Pea Hummus.

Starting with the Green Goddess Burger, I first had this at a vegan cafe, packed with spinach and peas it was good, both in its taste and nutrition, but I thought I could do one better. This is my version, whether it qualifies as vegan I’m not sure, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

By Stacey Smith 13 Apr, 2017

Its Easter again! How time flies. Chris and I hosted Easter last year with family, fizz and a 3 course spring lunch, it doesn’t seem that long ago at all. I really enjoyed doing it and I’ve defiantly inherited my mum’s flare for hosting gene! However, this year couldn’t be more different, Chris is away on a stag do and my Mum is away for work so we have postponed Easter for now. I won’t be completely alone though, my sister is coming to visit for the weekend and I can’t wait!! Lots of fun, laughter and fizz...ok maybe not that different then.  

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